Navigate the Golden Years Together.

Looking after an older family member can be overwhelming. It's tough managing day-to-day finances, long-term plans, and family relationships.

Build confidence and peace-of-mind by bringing together their finances and the people that help provide care into a secure family workspace. Track balances, review transactions, and use our pre-built checklists to support your financial caregiving journey.

Setup takes five minutes. No credit card required!

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Insight Without Ownership

Get access to the information you needed without impacting account ownership.

You’ll be able to

  • Connect bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and more
  • View daily updates to account balances and transactions
  • Share a link to a specific transaction
  • Review credit card details, like APRs and statement balances
  • Examine transaction categories and merchants
  • Receive emails when account passwords change
In-app screenshot showing how to set permissions for a workspace invitation.

Same Page. Different Views.

Keep everyone on the same page by inviting them to your family’s workspace. Each workspace member signs in separately and can have different access to the workspace data.

This allows some members to see all account information while preventing others from seeing transactions.

In-app screenshot showing how to set permissions for a workspace invitation.

Personalized Check-ins

Review finances on a schedule you set. Whether it’s “right now” or “every month starting on the 1st”, we’ll send you a checklist of important items to go over.

This is the first of many checklists we’ll build. It features

  • Percent and amount changes in account balances
  • Split view of transactions coming in-to and out-of accounts
  • Median-based filtering to surface important transactions
  • One-click access to account and transaction details
  • Email notifications on checklists creation
In-app screenshot showing the financial review workflow.

Data Protection and Privacy

We understand the sensitive nature of financial data and treat it with the appropriate respect.

Here are a few highlights:

  • 100% ad-free: we do business with you not data companies
  • Data encryption during storage and access
  • Two-factor passwordless authentication for all account access
  • Passkeys, a phishing-resistant replacement for passwords
In-app screenshot showing a passkey sign-in attempt.

Simple Pricing. Simple Cancellation.

$14.99/month Most flexible

Great for making sure Sabal works for your family.

$149.00/year Best value

Save $30.88 per year with our annual plan once you've tried out Sabal.

Cancel your plan anytime within the application or by contacting support. Cancellations made within five days of your plan's start date will result in a full refund for that period!

Want Three Months on Us?

We're running an interview program to learn more about the challenges caregivers and their families face. Your experiences guide what we build next and will be kept private.

One 30-minute virtual interview gets you three months free. See the Customer Interview Terms for details.