Terms of Service

Effective 05/17/2024.


Sabal Finance is a financial caregiving platform for families created by Sabal Technology Inc. (Sabal, we, us, our). This document outlines appropriate use of Sabal Finance and related services. These requirements are our Terms of Service (Terms). The Terms are a binding contract between you and Sabal and must be agreed to in their entirety in order to use our services. Usage of any of our services constitutes agreement. For questions about our services or this document, please email hello@sabal.finance.

Today, our services consists of a product updates mailing list, a marketing website (www.sabal.finance), and our core product offering (app.sabal.finance). This document will refer the the core product offering as the “application” interchangeably.

Changes to this Document

Our Terms will need to be updated as we create new products and services to better reflect those changes. When we update this document, we will inform you by email and by placing a notification on www.sabal.finance. Previous versions of this document can be provided by emailing hello@sabal.finance. Include the desired date in your request.

Additional Policies

Our Privacy Policy and Vulnerability Disclosure Policy are included in the Terms.

General Conduct

Communications with Sabal employees must be respectful and reflect the business relationships between all parties. Failure to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner constitutes a breach of the Terms and will result appropriate action.

Your interactions with all Sabal services and employees must abide by United States and local laws; you must not negatively impact the quality, availability, or security of Sabal services with your usage; and you may not ingest our content for usage outside of Sabal. This includes scraping and manually downloading content, unless explicitly specified by Sabal.

Mailing List

When providing an email to our updates mailing list, you agree to use a valid email address owned by you. You may browse our content and use our public tools without providing an email. There is no cost associated with using the mailing list or marketing website.


Credentials

When you create an account on Sabal, you provide and verify an email address, a phone number, and a passkey. A passkey signature or the combination of verifying the provided email address and phone number may be used to authenticate yourself (ie. sign-in). You are responsible for protecting access to these authentication factors, any actions taken with your credentials, and providing accurate information.


Workspaces contain related financial information and rules about what access workspace members have to that data. You can create a workspace as its owner or be added to an existing workspace by someone with the necessary permissions. Regardless of how you gain access to the workspace, it is your responsibility to honor the assigned permissions and to act in the best interest of the workspace owner.

The workspace owner and members with permission to invite others to the workspace are responsible for the consequences of doing so. These individuals may be change workspace permissions at any time. Sabal may also change or set permissions within a workspace when needed to support the service.

The workspace owner is responsible for any information stored in association with the workspace. Inappropriate content may be removed by Sabal.


Sabal charges a subscription fee (Subscription) per workspace. There is no additional cost associated with adding people to the workspace. The workspace owner is responsible for billing. Customers may pay monthly or annually: there is no difference in functionality between the two payment periods. Payment is charged in advance to the provided payment method. Subscriptions automatically renew, and customers receive an email reminder about the upcoming payment seven days before the renewal charge.


Customers with appropriate workspace permissions can cancel a workspace’s subscription at any time from within the application or by contacting support@sabal.finance. When cancelled, the workspace will still be available until the end of the billing period. Information associated with the workspace will be deleted at the end of the period.


You may request a request a refund on the current subscription within five days of its start. Within this window, your funds will be returned and account closed. No refunds are available outside of this window. Customers may contact support@sabal.finance with any questions or if they believe they have been charged in error.


You may not attempt to, either directly or through a third-party, limit the functionality of any Sabal service or impersonate another individual. Doing so constitutes a breach of the Terms and will result appropriate action. You may not copy, store, or process any Sabal content without our written consent. This includes, but is not limited to, crawlers, scrapers, and other means of language model ingestion.

You may not attempt to, either directly or through a third-party, build a competing service or duplicate content using access to our services.

You may not attempt to, either directly or through a third-party, mislead or exploit Sabal, its customers, or its interested parties. This includes, but is not limited to, creating copies of the service or related content to collect information, accessing Sabal’s internal network, reverse engineering code, soliciting information, violating local, state, or federal law.



All access to Sabal services is done at your own risk. All software involved with the usage of Sabal services is presented as is and without any warranty. Our ability to provide our service may be interrupted due to errors or other faults.

Sabal is a platform that provides tools for our customers and content for interested parties. None of what we offer can or should be construed as advice and is not a replacement for a financial planner, estate lawyer, accountant, or other advice-giving professional. We are not liable for any errors or omissions found in our services or your actions after using our services. Some of our content may make explicit or implicit assumptions. We are not liability for the accuracy of those assumptions nor whether they end up holding. As such, you release Sabal from all liability associated with your consumption of content while using our services.


You agree to indemnify and hold Sabal and its associated parties (ex. employees, vendors) harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages (actual and consequential), losses and expenses arising from or in any way related to any third party claims relating to your use of our services or violation of these Terms. This includes actions taken by a third party using your credentials.


You may not assign, delegate, or transfer Sabal’s Terms and your respective obligations to any party without Sabal’s prior written consent. Contact support@sabal.finance with any questions. Sabal maintains the right to assign, delegate, or transfer these Terms without consent.

Choice of Law

These Terms are governed by Delaware law. Any disputes will be handled in state through arbitration on an individual basis. Class arbitrations and class actions are not permitted.