Customer Interview Terms


Sabal Technology Inc. (Sabal, we, us, our) is running a customer interview program to learn more about the challenges caregivers and their families face. This information is kept private and used to help us determine what to work on next.

This document describes who is eligible for the program, what the expectations are, and what you receive in exchange for your time.

You agree to these terms of this document (Terms) when you schedule an interview. Please email any questions about these terms to


Any person that holds or has held a caregiving role, is over the age of 18, and is a Unites States citizen is eligible for this program. You do not need to be an existing Sabal customer, though existing and prospective customers will benefit the most. A person can only be interviewed once in a three-month period.


Schedule a 30-minute interview using our self-service link. You will receive an email containing a link to virtual video call on the platform. No downloads are required to visit this link. You will need a browser with an internet connection and a microphone. Use of a camera is not required.

Alternatively, we can schedule a phone call by contacting A Sabal employee will help schedule a time for the call. You will need a phone number capable of receiving phone calls.

Regardless of how you schedule the interview, you are expected to attend the meeting on-time and share relevant experience.


After completing the interview, you will receive three-months worth of a Sabal subscription based on the time at which the interview was scheduled. During the period of time leading up to Sabal’s launch, the value will set at the release.

For existing customers, this value will be automatically credited to your account without action needed on your end.

For potential customers and people interviewing before the product is available, you will receive a promotional code within one business day after the interview. Use that code during checkout to receive the three-month credit.


You may reschedule the interview using the self-service link or by contacting without consequence.

Additional Policies

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply to this document.

Changes to this Document

We reserve the right to update this document as we see fit at any time. Any interviews scheduled before the change will not be subjected to the new terms.